3 ways to fundraise with canvas prints

I love to write, so I decided to put this together. It's everything you need to know about photography.

3 ways to fundraise with canvas prints

27 October 2015
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Fundraising for community groups is a never-ending job, and people soon get tired of sausage sizzles and cake stalls. If you are looking for new ways to raise money for your local club or organisation, you should have a look at the opportunities offered by printing on canvas. A versatile and popular medium, there are lots of ways to use canvas printed artworks to bring in extra funds. Here are 3 suggestions to get you started.

1) Children's artwork

This a perfect fundraiser for schools, child care centres or kids' sports clubs. Each child can draw or paint an individual artwork or take a photograph and manipulate it with photo software. These works are then reproduced on small canvases for parents to buy as a souvenir. Set a reasonable price, and not many parents will balk at paying to take their child's work home. Additionally, each class or team can produce a collaborative artwork which is printed on a much larger canvas. This larger work is auctioned off amongst all the parents. Hopefully, the competition between families will see a substantial figure donated!

2) Local artist donations

If you live in a creative area, take advantage of the local talent to raise money for your community group. Approach artists in the neighbourhood and ask if they will donate a work to be reproduced as limited edition canvas prints. These can be sold at markets or at a fundraising night or through order forms sent home, depending on your organisation. Remember to acknowledge the artists in your newsletters and social media. If you don't have access to professional artists, why not hold a competition amongst your own group or open to local schools and colleges? The winning artworks can be printed on canvas and sold.

3) Family portrait

Very popular at the moment with families are large canvas portraits of themselves and their children. A particularly contemporary look is the multiple canvas artwork, several different sized canvases combined to create one large wall piece. Ask a local photographic studio if they will donate a professional family photo shoot and pay for the canvas wall work to be created. This would be a popular raffle prize or could be offered as part of a live auction at a fundraising event.

These are just some ways to use this flexible product to raise money. Now think of how you can tailor these ideas and use canvas prints to benefit your own group!

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